Quality Policy

Finn Air contracts to provide high-quality Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Installation and Maintenance services and products to its customers.

Our management, staff, suppliers, and contractors are all required to be committed to providing consistent quality service with special emphasis on customer satisfaction.

A program of Quality Management to ISO 9001 has been implemented to ensure that quality is built into the company’s entire operations and to provide a framework for setting, and meeting, quality objectives.

The Quality Manual describes how the quality management system is designed to ensure that customer requirements are recognized and understood and that processes for the consistent control of these requirements are established, implemented, and maintained.

This Policy is issued to clearly indicate the commitment of the Director and management team with regards to quality and related matters to ensure the long-term success of the company and its employees, placing our business in a competitive position with a reputation of achieving both employee and customer satisfaction.

Finn Air establishes monitors and reviews measurable quality targets and objectives to ensure requirements for customer product and service are met and to ensure continuous improvement.

Quality targets and objectives are reviewed annually during our management review meetings.

Proper adherence to this Policy is a mandatory requirement of every person who is involved with our company.